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FCH Business Network

We are a business consortium of Companies, NGOs and Charities unified by the common goals of sustainable economy, financial inclusion, inclusive universal digital identities and fair practices.

FCH Network is operating on a public blockchain, allowing for a wide user distribution, shared asset economy, sustainable operation with Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm and virtual cloud mining supporting the network.

Identity management and passwordless authentication

Digital asset issuance and Wallet listing


Engaged Community

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide our members a comprehensive range of solutions for multiple industries and verticals, allowing quick and easy digitalization of many business processes, including identity management, passwordless authentication and user-controlled personal data sharing, KYC and Accredited Investor onboarding, digital asset management, secure audit trails and many more.

FCH Network members benefit from cross-pollination and fair business practices, sharing engaged audience and communities, network effect for digital asset appreciation, public distributed governance model, vested token allocations with buy-back and burn model and incentives backed into the membership model.

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FCH in Numbers

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Featured Members

FCH is reaching across the countries and continents in order to provide a truly global fair choice business network.

FCH Labs is a company in Prague, Czech Republic, that develops, maintains and supports operations of FCH Network, engineer Digital Identity solutions and Blockchain Economy ecosystem. FCH Labs provides custom development and system integration services in the area of blockchain, crypto and mobile platforms.
Signkeys is a Singapore-based software development company specialized in developing mobile applications, cryptographic wallets supporting 230+ cryptocurrencies, hardware FIPS-140-2 security, expanding to EduTec, corporate emergencies and extended reality retail platforms. Company provides with whitelabel and custom development services.
Businesses can reduce costs and improve processes, individuals can benefit from the full ownership of their own assets and removing gatekeepers. Coupled with Identity Management and Trusted Secure environment, our platform offers a unique opportunity to launch and list your tokenized assets, financial products, rewards programs.
AERUM’s mission is to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs focusing on solving financial inclusion, promoting entrepreneurship, supporting digital economy through trusted relations, blockchain-based notarization and ranking.
From Anti-Bullying to Emergency response to Secure communications with parents and guardians, our platform helps schools and communities create better citizens of our future with Technology.

A flexible digital interface for all staff, women and families that solves emergencies and beyond.

  • Security and Safety (Direct Connection) Welfare for staff
  • Two way engagement, not email notifications that no one reads
  • Awareness and Distribution of non financial benefits
  • Access Card/Digital + Identity for staff



Secure passwordless log-in to participating websites and mobile application utilizing state-of-the-art protocol-less P2P communications and secure blockchain identities.


Self-sovereign robust blockchain identity featuring KYC id and PEP checks, address and age verification, allowing a private audit trail, prove of ownership and permission-based applications access, such as finance, banking.


Blockchain-friendly Customer Relation Management platform with a role-based security, audit trail, maker-checker model and reporting for corporations and institutional use.

Hardware security

FIPS 140-2 certified secure-element based keys storage and encryption without any additional hardware, licensed to be used on 1.7 Billion devices worldwide. Eliminates risks of a supply chain, sybil, man-in-the-middle attacks, device snooping and cloning.


Digital asset wallet supports over 220 different tokens and cryptocurrencies with over 60 protocols, featuring cross-chain swaps, integration with trading platforms, payments, eXtended Reality retail solutions, issuance, listing and trading of any custom assets, including loyalty points, rewards, tokenized marketing strategies.


Token Economy Operating System – a platform from our strategic partner, Coreledger AG, integrated with FCH Network solutions, provides end-to-end infrastructure for Financial Institutions and Trade Finance organizations to tokenize financial assets and create multi-sided markets boosting liquidity and allowing fractionalized direct ownership for security-based premissioned assets.


FCH Network partners provide multi-decade experience delivering successful solutions for Fintech, Trade Finance, RegTec and Blockchain industries. Operating using a proven methodology ensures customers success and quality product delivery.

Custom Development

Secure applications for iOS, Android and Web built to customer’s specs with a proven methodology.

White-label Solutions

Ready-made solutions for every business need that can be branded and customized in as soon as 4-6 weeks.

Blockchain Integration

Helping businesses solve real problems using blockchain solutions, from our in-house public high-performance FCH Network to any custom public blockchain or private DLT.

Our Digital Asset Multifunctional App


Leading in their respective industries our partners help to build a strong market presence by cross-pollinating the market with combined offerings.

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