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Blockchain-Powered Capabilities Network

High-performance PoS Ethereum-compatible network with Blockchain-based Digital Identity and Passwordless Authentication for Tokenization platforms, Digital Assets Management, Corporate Emergency and EduTech Solutions.

Case Studies

Multiple products in various industries and sectors have chosen FCH Network as a blockchain platform and are joining the ecosystem and the network economy.

Asset Tokenisation

Businesses can reduce costs and improve processes, individuals can benefit from the full ownership of their own assets and removing gatekeepers. Coupled with Identity Management and Trusted Secure environment, our platform offers a unique opportunity to launch and list your tokenized assets, financial products, rewards programs.

Corporate Emergencies

A flexible digital interface for all staff, women and families that solves emergencies and beyond.

  • Security and Safety (Direct Connection) Welfare for staff
  • Two way engagement, not email notifications that no one reads
  • Awareness and Distribution of non financial benefits
  • Access Card/Digital + Identity for staff


From Anti-Bullying to Emergency response to Secure communications with parents and guardians, our platform helps schools and communities create better citizens of our future with Technology.

Secure Mobile Wallet

Mobile application for storing and managing over 230 digital currencies, featuring FIPS-140-2 hardware grade security available for over 1.4 Billion smartphones on the market, popular messenger integration for easy and human-friendly digital asset transfers, crypto asset portfolio-tracking function. Referral functionality allows you to earn by sharing among friends and community, while FCH Network staking function allows you to earn and spend coins in realtime.

FCH Block Explorer

FCH Network is live. Main net blockchain is operational. Examine transactions in our block explorer tool.

FCH Onepager

Would you like to learn more about FCH Network, but don’t have much time to read massive documents? Then onepager is for you.