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CoreLedger is set to integrate with FCH Network blockchain, join the alliance

“The key is solving critical issues for the digital era companies by building the open-ended FCH NETWORK ALLIANCE on the blockchain. Welcoming Core Ledger as the newest addition and partner.”

Pots, picks, and pans in blockchain-FCH’s full vertical stack of solutions

Since the initial mint of Bitcoin, over a decade of developments have proven that blockchain is unquestionably a beneficial technology to both individuals and organizations. Due to its…

Sign-up reward campaign!

FCH Network is launching a reward campaign, giving out 100,000 XF FREE for anyone who sign-up on our home page…

What it takes to Stake?

FCH Network is a Hybrid cross-chain Proof-of-Stake blockchain. Operates both Direct and Delegated staking governance models.
In both cases XF tokens are used to provide with security bond and a stake to secure the network…

🚀FCH Network is live!

FCH Network ecosystem is an open business alliance of traditional companies, enterprises and crypto companies alike built on top of FCH blockchain and powered by FCH staking infrastructure and its native crypto-coin, Fuchsia Coin.

FCH Network — Welcome onboard

An open letter to Aerum and Signkeys communities by Alex Randarevich, CEO of Aerum Technology Ltd. about FCH Network

FCH Network: Next Generation Capability-Based Blockchain that Provides Fintech Applications with High Security, Tokenization, Staking, and Enterprise Identity Management

Forbes about Us

What every Blockchain or Digital Platform needs to solve for Mass Adoption